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The human-whale interaction is a sensory and educational experience cultivating a sense of empathy, care, and responsibility for the whales and the ocean.  We believe that human- whale exchange can help Restore humansconnection with the whales and the ocean. Nonverbal communications are at the core of the interactions between humans and whales and include eye to eye contact and play, pivotal for the creation of safe space and trust, which forms a sense of acknowledgment.




We have been operating since 2010 specializing in human – whale interactions. We have been operating under the strict regulations set by the tourism Tonga and hold whale guide certification. We believe that the human – whale exchange can help in resorting and healing our relation to whales and the ocean as whole. We are committed to continue prioritizing the wellbeing of the whales and only initiate encounters that are safe and reciprocal for all participants.



Alegra Ally is a visual Anthropologist, author, speaker, and a SES Explorer, currently based in Colombia. Her long-term project “Wombsphere” explores the themes of cultural and environmental change in the context of, motherhood, maternity, and reproductive justice. Her ability to produce photographs with profound emotional resonance and sensitivity earned her the Explorers Club’s Scott Pearlman Field Award for her expedition: ‘Women at the End of the Land’ in 2016 which resulted in the book “New Path- A Window into Nenets Life” published by Schilt publishing. In 2020, Alegra received the Gough Explorer of the Year Award for Medical Aid & Research for her Expedition ‘A Journey to the Origins of Midwifery’ to the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia.

Since 2010 Alegra and her husband Erez Beatus have been raising awareness to issues of conservation through restorative human – whale encounters. Alegra wrote her thesis on The Nature of Human-Whale Relations in Ha’apai, Tonga.

Alegra’s work has been published by The New York Times, Huffington Post, The Guardian, Shackleton Journal, The Walt Disney Society, Sidetracked, Ocean Geographic, The Telegraph, Refinery29, British Journal of Photography, and more. Keynotes includes Cambridge and Oxford Expedition Society, King’s college London wilderness medicine society, Explorers club headquarters, various midwifery departments and Photography schools.

She graduated from Macquarie University in Sydney with a master’s of research with focus in Anthropology. She is about to complete her second master’s degree in Documentary Filmmaking from Steve Tisch and produces her first short Documentary Film in Colombia.



Erez is a world record Freediver, photographer, public speaker and conservationist currently based in Colombia. Erez has been professionally involved in freediving since 1997 and has been the trainer of the Israeli freediving team for many years. He has held the world record for the deepest unassisted freedive and numerous national records. 

He is the head of Apnea International and the director of Apnea Australia, and has taught over 2500 students globally. 

Erez is a Hydrotherapist with years of experience in Hospital settings as well as a speaker with clients from varied fields such as sports teams, Banks, IT companies and medical institutions. 

As a photographer, Erez thrives to capture the beauty of our oceans while raising awareness to pressing conservation issues. 

Since 2010 Erez and his wife Alegra have been raising awareness to issues of conservation through restorative human – whale encounters. Alegra wrote her thesis on The Nature of Human-Whale Relations in Ha’apai, Tonga. 

Erez is a certified whale swim guide, awarded by the Tongan ministry of tourism.