Freedive with the world's largest predator


Imagine yourself in a calm, clear ocean, drifting calmly. Suddenly, loud clicking, strong enough to vibrate your body enter your awareness. You look around and here they are – a pod of Sperm whales – slowly swimming towards you, scanning you using their sonar. 

Mauritius is home to one of the world’s only resident pods of Sperm whales and is possibly the best place to swim with them. 

We have created an activity rich program which includes daily swims, afternoon workshops, land exploration and great food. 

Groups are small – only 4 guests on each boat to keep it very personal and to provide the best opportunity to maximise the time in the water..

I was about to say that I just got back from the best holiday of my life but that would offend the whales in Tonga. I can’t decide. My heart is broken – again, leaving those beautiful ocean creatures behind.
Travelling? Freediving? Only with Freediving Holidays, of course! Thank you Erez for the most amazing photos. See you next year in Hawaii…


Sperm Whales of Dominica, 2023 – 6 swim days

November 2023 – Exact date TBA soon

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    Small Groups

    4 freedivers in a boat to maximise in-water time

    Minimal Current

    The area has minimal current. If there is a bit of current – we simply move to a different spot.

    Unlimited Depth

    We usually train around Sea mountains coming up from 60m or so. For deeper dives – we can easily find 180m.


    You do not have to be a certified freediver to join the trips. you will always have the chance to snorkel around the amazing reefs.
    Doing an Apnea International Stage A freediving course on the trip is an amazing opportunity to discover the amazing world of breath-hold diving.
    The course will include theory, confined water and ocean sessions.