Discover the amazing caves in the jungle


Imagine yourself walking through a dense jungle, the air filled with the sounds of birds, monkeys and insects.

After exploring this primal jungle, you arrive to one of the world’s most unique freediving spots – the Cenotes of Yucatan Peninsula.

Cenotes are water filled water holes. Most offer incredible visibility (over 50m) and amazing light beams which make this experience truely magical.

Our trips to Yucatan are for small groups (as usual) and offer a combination of land and underwater activities.


head over to the trip page to see what we have planned for you. 

I was about to say that I just got back from the best holiday of my life but that would offend the whales in Tonga. I can’t decide. My heart is broken – again, leaving those beautiful ocean creatures behind.
Travelling? Freediving? Only with Apnea Australia, of course! Thank you Erez for the most amazing photos. See you next year in Hawaii…


Images by © Julien Borde

Small Groups

Our groups are always small to allow the best experience and the most personal service.

Unique Location

Trip focuses on the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico- one of the world’s most interesting environments

Land and Underwater

Yucatan offers amazing land and underwater options. We will explore ancient ruins as well as underwater treasures. 


You do not have to be a certified freediver to join the trips. you will always have the chance to snorkel around the amazing reefs.
Doing an Apnea International Stage A freediving course on the trip is an amazing opportunity to discover the amazing world of breath-hold diving.
The course will include theory, confined water and ocean sessions.

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