Okhotsk sea camp: Freediving with bowhead whales


Set out for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure in a most distant and pristine places in Russia, which will allow you to explore the nature of the Okhotsk sea side by side with majestic bowhead whales.
We’ll get to observe bowhead whales, who are calm and are OK with vessels coming up close to them, and you’ll get a chance to approach them even close on paddle boats.
The clear water of the bay we’ve chosen for the diving will let us experience something even more unique – submerging into the water to spend unforgettable time with bowhead whales keeping us company. Perfect opportunity to take amazing underwater pictures, too.
In addition to bowhead whales, in the Sea of Okhotsk we’re likely to encounter orcas while moving from one bay to another on speed boats. We may also see beluga whales and gray whales. There are several species of seals, too: bearded seal, largha seal and ringed seal. You’ll also get a chance to spot bears, who roam on some of the islands.
We’ll spend evenings in comfortable lodges on the shore sharing our day’s experiences and emotions.

I was about to say that I just got back from the best holiday of my life but that would offend the whales in Tonga. I can’t decide. My heart is broken – again, leaving those beautiful ocean creatures behind.
Travelling? Freediving? Only with Apnea Australia, of course! Thank you Erez for the most amazing photos. See you next year in Hawaii…



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Small Groups

Our groups are always small to allow the best experience and the most personal service.

Unique Location

Be one of the first to swim with Bowheads and have a chance to swim with Orca, Grey whales and seals

Cold Lacation

Although this trip is held during summer, water temperature is around 10 degrees. A thick wetsuit is required.


You do not have to be a certified freediver to join the trips. 
Doing an Apnea International Stage A freediving course before the trip will increase your confidence while on the field.


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